surfs up

12.27.2011 § 1 Comment

going to honolulu for the new year and wish i had a designa surfboard to catch some 2 footers! xo lili likes surfing

Makapu’u Tide Pools

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Rikki and I hiked down to the Makapu’u tide pools yesterday. It was gorge. Lucky we live Hawaii! xo Guava

Shell we?

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Since I have been on sabbatical in Hawaii, I have become a professional shell diver, and sometimes I make jewelry in my spare time. Check out my store on Etsy Misha Hawaii Enjoy! Aloha! xo Guava

Misha Hawaii on Etsy

Only in Hawaii…..

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does a guy on the beach weave two lauhala hats for Lili and I. He left them next to our slippers while we were shell diving. Lucky we live Hawaii! Fashion trend alert – Lauhala Hats, we are bringing it to NYC! xo Guava

Hawaiian Shell Bangles

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Please check out my etsy store for some amazing shell bangles! All custom, one of a kind, made in Hawaii with love. Getting creative in Hawaii as Susan Miller said! More projects to come. xo Guava

Hawaiian Shell Bangles

Happy Thursday from Northshore

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I couldn’t sleep this morning so I drove out to the Northshore at sunrise. It is absolutely stunning today and the water is crystal clear. Shelling, sunning and surfing…perfect. Xo Guava



capri sun

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i mean all my friends are travelling…why am i stuck in my cube? xo lili

Underwater Dreams

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Came across this photographer on Aubrey Road, his name is Wayne Levin. His photos are magical. xo Guava

photos via Wayne Levin

shell sisters

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guava and i love collecting shells.  yes most girls like diamonds, but we are beach lovers and can spend a whole day searching for the next inspiration.  here are our finds from long beach.  not quite as bright as hawaiian shells, but we love the muted blacks and blues.

xo lili gonna miss my sister aka wifey

next stop

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after guava and i go to fiji, next stop is nicaragua…and the journey begins. xo lili

image via

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