V E G A S in 24 hours!!!

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I am off to Vegas! Will be jet setting there with Rikki and Chun. Fabulous 3 back together! We have been friends since we were 10 years old – roots run deep in Hawaii. 3/23 Ferry Corsten @ Marquee, 3/24 Mike Posner @ Surrender, 3/24 ATB @ Marquee. Wish me luck! xo Gambling Guava


from catwalk to sidewalk

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“maybe it’s maybelline”, 6 years ago i was at the lipstick jungle premiere party and a friend told me that their friend was the girl who wrote that jingle.  she hasn’t worked a day since and is cha-chinging.  well apparently maybelline is cha-chinging more than any other cosmetic brand in the whole world at any price point.  this is amazing.  david greenberg, the prez has honed in what makes maybelline the “it” brand, “it’s the spirit of new york. when i walk the streets, i feel everything is possible.  women in new york feel confident.  they can achieve anything they want.  they have the power to be successful and it’s this emotion, this vibration, this dream of new york.”  and this is why i love new york and why the world reacts to new york in the way it does.  so there might be reccessions, globalization that scares us americans, but we have to remember, we are the “it” country, we set the trends, and this global power is no way near it’s end.  xo lili quotes from beautyinc mag

i call chloe

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you would think spring is here with the colors of chloe’s fall 2012 rtw collection, but the jkts sing wear me i’m warm!  this is my favorite fall collection.  claire waight keller from pringle and scotland has made a stunning debut.  she has brought chloe back into our closets and having us girls digging deep into our pockets, bc i want everything.  chin chin to chloe for hiring claire bc she wins!  xolili calls chloe images via style.com

Current Obsession: Acai Bowls

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After I had my first one I was hooked you may even say obsessed. I am now on the Acai bowl diet. Fresh made daily at my hale! xo GuavaImageImageImage

Hawai’i Art Now

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Took my mum to Hawai’i Art Now opening last night in Honolulu. It was a contemporary exhibit featuring new or recent work from artists who all live in Hawaii. My favorite work of the night was from Masami Teraoka. One of his signature paintings was embroidered onto a large tapestry/fabric. I love when art/fashion mix. Here are some of his other paintings. xo Guava

if everyone were given givenchy this world would be so pretty

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o m g . d o n e . w i s h  i  h a d  o n e  o f  t h e s e .  x o s o m e b o d y  m a r r y  l i l i 

pierre hotel party

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this sunday i celebrated my cousin jaz’s bridal shower.  what a lovely gathering of women chatting love over caviar.  orchids overflowing tables, veuve on tap, and desserts that got you tipsy!  i became the on the spot photographer which i very much enjoyed,  and thanks to instagram it didn’t take too much effort.  gifts were label dropping, but i gave jaz the best present–a toast thanking her for sharing her love with our family and reminding all of us what we are all living for–love<3  xoxo lili brought the hello kitty wine:)

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