ok stupid

08.12.2011 § Leave a comment

i know…i never thought i’d ever join a dating website, but it was for blog purposes to see what dating in ny is all about.  my one and only experience has reminded me that i am not made for this:)

read our messages and you will see why the date never even happened!

hey hawaii iron ann,
well, you look and sound quite brilliant – !
hi. i’m tom.
i live and work in the flatiron district with my dog.
you’re dangerously cute.
would love to meet.

wow that was so fast!
lets see if we are compatible…
name three restaurants you would like to take me out tonight and
if any of them matches my taste, lets make a date!
union square cafe.
gramercy tavern.
nice! well done!
all sound delish and i have never been to any of them.
which is your fav?
grammercy or yama which is better?
make a reso at both and i can decide later:)
you got it – !
great! tell me the times.
oh i have a happy hour work thing til 8, so after 8 is better
8:30 would be great at gramercy tavern.
might not have a reservation until 9….
work it and let me know
hey so are we mtg at grammercy at 830?
Gee – I don’t even know your name…
Well this is my first blind date so kind of scared to give out my name. Ann
Yet you wouldn’t mind having a stranger buy you an expensive dinner…?
Under 30$ an entree is not expensive. Maybe u should find a better job;). What’s ur name? If this is too much for we don’t need to meet up.
So I guess no date?
hahaha lili

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