Daytime Drinking….always a good idea.

10.13.2011 § Leave a comment

Yesterday I did the Hawaii wine circuit with Maryjane. Wine tasting at the Kahala Mandarin? Yes please. We arrived fashionably late and headed right to a table of Champagne, feeling French indeed. Peking duck buns, more champagne, mini toast with mushrooms, more champagne, smoked salmon, on to some riesling, pinot, prime rib slider, on with the whites! Luna di luna, sauvignon blanc, chardonnay, muscato, chardonnay sparkling wine, pinot grigio sparkling wine, and abarino. Need some food, feeling light headed we sample some kalua pig sliders, crab cakes with thai chili – delish! Moving on to reds, pinot noir, four lakes, back to the sommelier’s table, he had the best reds of the night, we tasted some remote areas of Spain with grapes I had never heard of. Feeling a bit light headed we break for some air, enjoy the dolphins swimming outside. After we catch out breath, we head back in, time for dessert! I am not a big fan of port, and the first pour was not for me, but the man pouring the wine explains nutty and sweet, port vs porto and introduces me to Croft, a porto which tastes like a warm and rich berry cobbler. I am in love. xo Gushing Guava


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