Hawai’i Art Now

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Took my mum to Hawai’i Art Now opening last night in Honolulu. It was a contemporary exhibit featuring new or recent work from artists who all live in Hawaii. My favorite work of the night was from Masami Teraoka. One of his signature paintings was embroidered onto a large tapestry/fabric. I love when art/fashion mix. Here are some of his other paintings. xo Guava


its on at corton

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if you have any taste in your soul, you must go to corton.  like a child, i tippy toed to see through the glass kitchen window, star strucked by paul liebrandt’s gorgeous hair as he carefully swept back his stress.  the two men next to me asked me who the chef was.  “who do you think?”  it was obvious, but of course i knew who the chef was,  i had watched his hbo documentary ‘matter of taste’ 3 times, and i am not a person who likes to waste time.  the men stared hard in paul’s direction, and i said, “yes, it’s him, the only person without a chef’s hat.  look at his passionate face- he is serious about food”.  if i had to use one word to describe corton it is “now”.  the decor, tasting menu, cocktails, paul’s youth and humilty is what the world needs now.  every dish was a version of perfection, and i left dinner so delighted that i have already booked two more reservations this month.  i could go on an on, but i highly suggest you do your self a favor and truly learn what flavor is through the artful mastery at corton.  xo lili love crushin on corton and chef liebrandt

garden fight

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While guava is blessed with boutiful blossoms, i am battling the last leg of fall and bulbing it up.  here is my progess so far…i am a one-ann team, and hopefully i will grow veggies for my harvest party next fall. xoxo lili

Shell we?

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Since I have been on sabbatical in Hawaii, I have become a professional shell diver, and sometimes I make jewelry in my spare time. Check out my store on Etsy Misha Hawaii Enjoy! Aloha! xo Guava

Misha Hawaii on Etsy

irene neuwirth is worth it

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amazing pop up shop.  i am inspired to make a terrarium branch jewelry holder.  now i just need some jewelry.  oddly i already make terrariums and have tons of moss and dry wood branches. xolili

image via refinery29.com and thx to carney for showing me this!


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if you’re feeling kind of shitty

cuz last night you got real gritty

sexhausted. sexhausted.

if you’re feeling kind of loopy

cuz last night you got real groupie

sexhausted.  sexhausted.

x-rated lili

image via bing.com


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we daydream same things
no need for wedding rings
instead we tie strings
lay loved in bed
you cupping my face
me stroking your head

we’ll leave this world
of should and saids
take time to sing
each others’ favorite songs
we’re falling in love
nothing will go wrong

because i dreamt,
“the familiar touch of the long married”

we’ll say we do to living life
learn to be best husband-wife
kiss our kids tucked tight
bonfire love through the night

lady lilikoi

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