doin it in dallas

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my bf wants to get me some cowboy boots from dallas.  good thing givenchy is sold worldwide.  xo love me my name is lili


light lunch

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today i ate margiela for lunch and tried to diet on eye shopping.  i tried on an amazing blush blazer (which josue said is an awful color on me) and the most sexiest suede boots (bitch you betta bring it, cuz i brought it, thought you got it, got your boyfriend so worked up he went and shot it, thought he caught this, but i just  f l a u n t  it, and make his sweet potato mush, he keeps begging to push push, on my sweet potato toosh, mush potatoes).  so even though i didn’t get what i wanted, i did get a minute of window seat (the office seats by the window), and the sun shined on me, and josue caught the moment to complete my light luncheon.  stay pin! xxlili

Holiday Trunk Show

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Misha Hawaii jewelry is now available at Ala Moana in Splash! Please check it out. Also, on December 10th, I am having a Holiday trunk show with Jana Lam and Paradisus Jewelry. Hope to see you there! xo Guava

taking flight

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everything happens for a reason.  i came to ny to be a fashion writer, but being born from immigrant parents they wanted me to have the expected life.  so i was en route to taking my lsats when i rec’d a call from jcrew to join their design team for fabric r&d.  i worked for one of the most infamous fabric gurus in the biz.  within a month i was jetted off to paris, dodged pens being thrown at me like a born ninja, constantly ran to the break room to refresh my boss’s cup with ice to cool her menopause, took shots of green vibrance with her every morning, forfeited eating carbs bc she told me it made me work slow, all while miraculously absorbing all the knowledge i could, between her yelling “jackass” at a dancing donkey that i really regretted buying her from milan.  shortly after a year, i left.

next i am selling korean fabrics at hope inc and experiencing the intense demands of not 1 design team, but several all wanting everything at once and all sincerely believing they are the most important customer in the world.  i schelpped a suitcase full of fabrics from ny to seattle to la and learnt what it felt like to be on the other side.  after 3 months, i left.

then i find myself an intern at band of outsiders.  i rejected a job offer to be a fabric assistant at bcbg generation- i could not summon myself to buy bright plaids and be bossed by miley cyrus.  so i am folding boo’s coveted button ups, re-organizing their closets (fyi i am a professional organizer) and quickly get noticed and invited to go to leslie mann’s beautiful brentwood mansion for a fitting for the collection’s photo shoot.   i lay out options for leslie and kindly ask her if i can peep her closet, which she happily says yes to.  my life instantly changed after seeing her all white section–you know i am obsessed with this color and this is why.  i offered to go to ny, on my own way and pay, to help with boo’s fashion presentation, and i am lucky to be in charge of all the models.  so i yell, “next boy please!” and have them strip down to their undies and dress them all up like my little ken dolls.  of course i line up 1 interview, and i land the job.  i tell boo i am staying back and won’t be an intern anymore.  they are shocked and try to counter offer.  unfortunately they are too late, so i left.

again i’m thrown into another whirl wind position.  this time at kaufmanfranco.  on my first day, my boss shows me a harley davidson jacket with an epoynomous engraved rubber placard on the back.  he tells me he wants this and to go get it.  i had just returned back to ny after a 2 yr hiatus, so i instantly hit the web for help.  1 week later i give him the protos of our label engraved in rubber and he looks at me with a sigh and says, “what’s this?”  i remind him of the task, and he said, “i asked you for this last week, what am i to do with it now?” and tosses it back to me.  i stick it on my computer to remind me, “get things done day of, and if u can’t, find a way to”.  i become a sponge and absorb as much as i can bc this job was at ligthening speed.  we would jam out couture colllections in 2 weeks.  yes i lived in my white lab coat (but i secretly crystal heat transferred the inside of my coat to remind me, one day i will shine), worked everyday from 9am to midnight, snook naps in the fire exit on a cardboard box with bubble wrap for a pillow and would turn the lights down low when everyone left to watch the embroidered dresses sparkle.  after just shy of 1 yr, i left.

next i am selling italian fabrics for my dear friend at volo usa. he just started the company, so biz is quiet and he is just so damn hot that i can’t stop checking him out.  we lunched with his cute friends, drank espresso in the office, danced to his amazing sound system, and critqued the placement of his clock far too much.  after 2 weeks, i left.

then i am asked to join theory, theyskens, and helmut lang to be their yarn purchaser.  i am working for the best knitwear productionist in the biz.  she speaks stitch, teaches me how real women work and how to keep your cool even when sod’s law slaps us in the face every single day.  i am amazed by her even temper, her knowledge of everything knit and i am truly blessed to have her as a boss, mentor and friend.  she knows i am itching to be back in design, and so when the opportunity opens, she gives me the motherly nod and says, “i know you are an outgoing person and this position suits you better, go for it”.  with her blessing i join the theory and theysken’s sweater design team and become their new product developer, happily ever after, i have found my fit.

often in interviews people have been hesitant of my “flightiness”, but sometimes you need a little kick in your step to take flight. xo lili

Givenchy. Yes Please.

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I could wear powder pink all day long next spring and summer. Cigarette pants, check. Giant shark tooth, check. Chain fanny pack, check. Drop lapel blazer, check. What more do you need? J’adore Givenchy. xo Guava

SS12 Fashion Week

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It was strange not to be in New York for SS12 Fashion Week, I’ve been watching on, getting my fashion fix, and let me just say I didn’t love lots of the shows. I’ve been waiting all week for Celine, but felt it was not as strong as previous collections, tear. I did love the Sonia Rykiel show, that canary catwalk and the bright colors! It channeled a Miu Miu vibe. xo Guava
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elle and theory party

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last tuesday elle and theory celebrated july’s issue for theory’s elle exclusive collection.  the magazine debuted the looks which were styled and photographed by various peeps, and all commented by theyskens-a must read and see!  chandon was flowing, music had the bodies sowing and everyone’s bronzer was glowing.  bumped into chris benz who i haven’t seen since paris 5 yrs ago!  sometimes its nice to know that the fashion world is smaller than we think, and i am loving all the pink!

living pretty in the city lili

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