pierre hotel party

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this sunday i celebrated my cousin jaz’s bridal shower.  what a lovely gathering of women chatting love over caviar.  orchids overflowing tables, veuve on tap, and desserts that got you tipsy!  i became the on the spot photographer which i very much enjoyed,  and thanks to instagram it didn’t take too much effort.  gifts were label dropping, but i gave jaz the best present–a toast thanking her for sharing her love with our family and reminding all of us what we are all living for–love<3  xoxo lili brought the hello kitty wine:)



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the other day i was walking and thought of the word regive.  it’s re-give, but pronounced like revive with a ‘g’.  i survive on retailing goods, but my favorite gift is always giving creatively- or as i call regive.  my coworker asked what was the best pen to gift, mont blanc? ball or fountain? platinum or gold? and i looked at him like wtf and he said, “ask josh!  he would know!” so we email him and he a replies my fav is 3g roller ball, wikipedia said mont blanc pioneered with the fountain, i prefer platinum over gold, got 2 2nd opinions and we all agreed that mont blanc=pen & cartier=watch.  i replied saying i preferred the iphone pen-watch and then asked him if he expected a gift like this from me?  thankfully he said no, and i tell him i am going to get him the momofuku milk cook book, and he tells me, “i already bought it for you!”  in love lili

oh my josh!

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for the past year i have walked by banchet flowers like audrey from breakfast at tiffanys.  i love persihable items and flowers are a girls best friend.  the oddly shaped clear vases, orchids in colors i’ve never seen, and the cool metal slate decor that kindly informs you, don’t walk in if your going to walk out empty handed.  some people say “it’s in his kiss” but for me it’s being blessed that he knows what makes me bliss.  so in love lili

garden fight

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While guava is blessed with boutiful blossoms, i am battling the last leg of fall and bulbing it up.  here is my progess so far…i am a one-ann team, and hopefully i will grow veggies for my harvest party next fall. xoxo lili

Garden Delight

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My garden in Hawaii is going strong. I made a delicious goat cheese stuffed squash blossom salad with the blossoms and manoa lettuce from the garden…delicious! The green squash, eggplant and bok choy are coming in nicely and I hope to pick them in the next few weeks. Will post more pics when the veggies are ready for picking and eating! xo Gardening Guava

double date

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from 1 to 2 to 4, this dinner was definitely not a bore.  kisses lili

i love hawaii tear

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finally eyeland to eyeland is in true effect.  guava is in our hometown, and i am in our newtown, hence eyeland to eyeland.  i had the best trip home and have to give my top ten favorites of honolulu.

10. lucky we live hawaii-this statement doesn’t encompass the blessed feeling i have being born and raised on the best place on earth.

9. living a s-treme lifestyle.  surfing, swimming, shelling, sunning, shaka-ing, and showering outdoors at the beach.

8. working with my sister at kaneohe market and everyone telling me i look real tan!!!!

7. having an alfresco lunch and cocktails at outrigger canoe club with long time friends.

6. eating spam musubi with lilikoi passion juice all day everyday, and truly believing its the best thing i ever tasted.

5. walking with my dogs in the mountains for hours while rediscovering the island and remembering what matters in life.

4. being inspired by simplicity, humility and the hawaiian lifestyle.

3. gardening. its effortless when you are in paradise.

2. cruising with my parents in sunset hills and black point pool to show them why i am working in nyc.

1. if you make it here, you don’t need to go anywhere.

xoxo lilikoi is loved

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