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I went to see Lili in NYC – oh my gauze – it was cray cray. Highlights of the week, Angel Share, High Line, Sushi of Gari, daytime drinking, Chelsea Market, Colombe, A-Wang Store, Lili’s pink fox fur coat, Petit Jesus’s new handbag, Little Dragon dance party. Lili treated me to Corton for x-mas, is was divine! Love you Lili! See you on Wednesday in Hawaii nei! xo Gushing Guava



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i arrive at the mondrain hotel and see a group of models with a guy smoking cigarettes on the swing bench, and i immediately think its my friend justin marquis and yell “hey!!!!!!!”  the group hollers back “hey!!” with a slight questioning tone.  i then realize it’s kid cudi-gag.  i apologize saying i thought he was my friend and find my way to the acria event.  it was a squished intimate affair, and i casually say hi to prabal garung and jason wu, and got to give a kiss to an old friend chris benz.  stewart shining was being honored for the event and his agave compliments made me blush.  there were many interesting outfits and thats why i love ny. xoxo lilikoi

ok stupid ii

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classic cupid shit. xo lili

guy #1.
Hi AH,

“Upon her head a platted hive of straw,
Which fortified her visage from the sun,
Whereon the thought might think sometime it saw
The carcase of a beauty spent and done.
Time had not scythed all that youth begun,
Nor youth all quit, but spite of heaven’s fell rage
Some beauty peeped through lattice of seared age.”

There you go. Advice from The Bard that perhaps a straw hat is not a good choice if you want to imply youth.

A leopard print hat, on the other hand…well, no age searing effects there.


Hi iron woman. I enjoyed your blog. Your profile. Your hat. And your taurusness. A drink would be fun. – Rob
Great blog. I stumbled upon the OKCupid category. Too Funny. I only hope I never end up all over the internet like that. I always enjoy watching other guys crash and burn though!
So you send me a message saying check out my blog? Makes me immediately think you are just a profiteer and have no interest at all in meeting people. Am I wrong?
I’m not trying to mean spirited. Please don’t take it that way I just feel you are a little disingenous.
Be well annhawaii I wish you love and luck.
Your welcome and if you truly ever want to talk you know were to find me. I hope your are beautiful inside as your a beautiful on the outside.
Aloha! My name is Kekoa. How long have you been out here in NY
me: e a la e a la e a a i e
chk out my blog:)
kekoa: Guava or Lilikoi?
What was the beginning of your message?


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NYFW is in full swing, and as I wished—- there is an abundance of fur on the runways. Enjoy.

-Guava Girl

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Mila Kunis for W Magazine March 2011

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photos via

kung hei fat choi!!

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it is the most important holiday in the fashion calendar.  cny-chinese new year’s holiday can sometimes have a factory closed for 3 weeks!  so you better get a thumping cuz it is the year of the rabbit.  here is my little lionhead bunny ‘shoob’.  i think lionheads might be the next trend in fur.  imagine the light fluffiness of his fur giving a garment an airy etheral luxurious look, without the weight of most furs.  and don’t worry i wasn’t prepping him for a kill, little shoob just loves to bathe!

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