its on at corton

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if you have any taste in your soul, you must go to corton.  like a child, i tippy toed to see through the glass kitchen window, star strucked by paul liebrandt’s gorgeous hair as he carefully swept back his stress.  the two men next to me asked me who the chef was.  “who do you think?”  it was obvious, but of course i knew who the chef was,  i had watched his hbo documentary ‘matter of taste’ 3 times, and i am not a person who likes to waste time.  the men stared hard in paul’s direction, and i said, “yes, it’s him, the only person without a chef’s hat.  look at his passionate face- he is serious about food”.  if i had to use one word to describe corton it is “now”.  the decor, tasting menu, cocktails, paul’s youth and humilty is what the world needs now.  every dish was a version of perfection, and i left dinner so delighted that i have already booked two more reservations this month.  i could go on an on, but i highly suggest you do your self a favor and truly learn what flavor is through the artful mastery at corton.  xo lili love crushin on corton and chef liebrandt


halloween queen of pop

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so the verdict is in, and i hope i can live up to the king of pop.  i am going to be mj, but a queen version.  i am thinking billy jean era, and need to get started on making my glove asap.  now i just need to master the moonwalk, find a vinyl suit, red bowtie, white shoes and jerri curl my hair.  loving the pop king, xo queen lilikoi

Bird of Paradise

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I need a bird of paradise on my head! And possibly some Princess Leia buns. Lili, for our next photoshoot! – Guava

Orient Excess
Vogue Australia April 2011
Shot by: Nicole Bentley
Stylist: Meg Gray
Model: Codie Young



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This Chanel Purse kills me. KILLS ME. LOVE.

Photographed by Camilla Akrans

Model Masha Novoselova

Harper’s Bazaar US February 2011



Roberto Cavalli Spring 2011 Campaign

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Loving the bright backdrop they used to highlight the leather, beading and fringe. Seems there was lots of fan at this shoot and we all know that more fan is never a bad thing.

Laetitia Casta, Joan Smalls & Malgosia Bela by Mert & Marcus

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you need a yui head massage

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my cousin jasmine gave me a gift certificate to yui salon in west village for a shiatsu head massage.  i was very excited bc i love head massages!!  unfortunately i am used to korean mama-sans giving it to me (they usually strattle your back naked and pummel their elbow, knee in your back) so when i got the yui gentle japanese “shiatsu” massage, i was wondering when is she gonna give it to me?  well i sure got it when she dried my hair, it looked amazing!!  i got the clay massage and it cleaned out my scalp pores so well, that my hair shines non-stop now and has a fresh clean bounce on top.  no more flat top, you know what i’m talking about.  it is the perfect remedy for the winter hat hair.  and if you are a nutso like me, you can see your scalp under a microscope before and after, the results will keep you yuing for more.

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