if everyone were given givenchy this world would be so pretty

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o m g . d o n e . w i s h  i  h a d  o n e  o f  t h e s e .  x o s o m e b o d y  m a r r y  l i l i 


Holiday Trunk Show

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Misha Hawaii jewelry is now available at Ala Moana in Splash! Please check it out. Also, on December 10th, I am having a Holiday trunk show with Jana Lam and Paradisus Jewelry. Hope to see you there! xo Guava

Shell we?

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Since I have been on sabbatical in Hawaii, I have become a professional shell diver, and sometimes I make jewelry in my spare time. Check out my store on Etsy Misha Hawaii Enjoy! Aloha! xo Guava

Misha Hawaii on Etsy

Hawaiian Shell Bangles

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Please check out my etsy store for some amazing shell bangles! All custom, one of a kind, made in Hawaii with love. Getting creative in Hawaii as Susan Miller said! More projects to come. xo Guava

Hawaiian Shell Bangles

phoenix rose

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my favorite jewelry store.  just got guava hooked and we got matching letter necklaces.  we used to be bracelet buddies, collecting all types of matching surf bracelets (roxy beaded ones)- oh how we have grown up…xolili gonna miss miss guava

my beauty mole is bigger than the pendants-just so you get a size ratio-or my mole could be huge and i just don’t think so…

va va vamp

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love these vamp rings! another suggestion from miss arel. grazie! xo lili images via http://www.shopvamp.com

Shell we?

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I just got back from Hawaii, and I started making these shell bangles which are very popular there. Secret beaches and secret shells.               xo Guava

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