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“maybe it’s maybelline”, 6 years ago i was at the lipstick jungle premiere party and a friend told me that their friend was the girl who wrote that jingle.  she hasn’t worked a day since and is cha-chinging.  well apparently maybelline is cha-chinging more than any other cosmetic brand in the whole world at any price point.  this is amazing.  david greenberg, the prez has honed in what makes maybelline the “it” brand, “it’s the spirit of new york. when i walk the streets, i feel everything is possible.  women in new york feel confident.  they can achieve anything they want.  they have the power to be successful and it’s this emotion, this vibration, this dream of new york.”  and this is why i love new york and why the world reacts to new york in the way it does.  so there might be reccessions, globalization that scares us americans, but we have to remember, we are the “it” country, we set the trends, and this global power is no way near it’s end.  xo lili quotes from beautyinc mag


pierre hotel party

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this sunday i celebrated my cousin jaz’s bridal shower.  what a lovely gathering of women chatting love over caviar.  orchids overflowing tables, veuve on tap, and desserts that got you tipsy!  i became the on the spot photographer which i very much enjoyed,  and thanks to instagram it didn’t take too much effort.  gifts were label dropping, but i gave jaz the best present–a toast thanking her for sharing her love with our family and reminding all of us what we are all living for–love<3  xoxo lili brought the hello kitty wine:)


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i recently replaced my iphone.  1st casualty was dropping it in the toliet.  it sparked fizzed and i couraged myself and fished it out of my pee.  it was worth it bc i told the truth to apple and got a free one!  then i got drunk and danced vogue moves and lost it again.  so i synced my new iphone to my comp and found that i had only synced my iphone once before.  seeing the pics and text conversations from a year ago, made me realize the importance of restoring.  every year people have resoultions.  hopes to resolve a problem in their life.  but maybe your life isn’t so bad?  maybe we need to realize that life is good, and all we need to do every year is restore instead of resolute?  i am reconnecting with old friends, remembering what my dreams are, and feeling comfortable with the way i look , the habits i have and do not feel like there is a need for a solution, but instead i should practice storation.  here are some pics from last yrs vegas trip.  sadly i won’t make this vegas trip w guava, but we can restore to go next yr.  xo lili loves her new iphone 4s

surfs up

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going to honolulu for the new year and wish i had a designa surfboard to catch some 2 footers! xo lili likes surfing

momofuku knows best

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if you are a downtowner you have probably waited in one or some of the famous momofuku lines.  everytime i have a guest in town and want to show them an easy going delicious trendy comfort meal- i take them to momofuku.  my fav is the og noodle bar (natalie portman ate there and they are heavily non-friendly to vegetarians), and the pickled oysters at ssam on the bbq bread is ova!  i woke up to a friendly email that josh and i are able to bypass the ko reso race and get front row seats again.  so grateful to have such knowlegdeable chefs to give me another treat to eat!  if you want to call yourself a real new yorker- well then you must dine at one of the momofuku monopoiles, or at least get the blueberry cream cookie from milk.  today’s weather is perfect for the momofuku ramen, with pickled spread, legendary berkshire pork buns, and smoked chk wings.  xo lili is so ko lucky

happy st nicks!

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thanks to my love, i got my kicks!  yes i am the luckiest girl in the whirl.  bc i get to twirl in my margiela suede boots with my margiela bag and to thank my boyfriend, i got my dear friends at momofuku ko who are so kind and generous to treat us to our dinner tasting last saturday!  the best dish was the shaved foie gras over lychee.  if you feel like having an intimate bar night with really good music, food, drinks and watch the chefs cook, you must go, but practice being quick on your mouse clicks bc they do not budge on the reservation list…xo lili loves being booty licious!

its on at corton

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if you have any taste in your soul, you must go to corton.  like a child, i tippy toed to see through the glass kitchen window, star strucked by paul liebrandt’s gorgeous hair as he carefully swept back his stress.  the two men next to me asked me who the chef was.  “who do you think?”  it was obvious, but of course i knew who the chef was,  i had watched his hbo documentary ‘matter of taste’ 3 times, and i am not a person who likes to waste time.  the men stared hard in paul’s direction, and i said, “yes, it’s him, the only person without a chef’s hat.  look at his passionate face- he is serious about food”.  if i had to use one word to describe corton it is “now”.  the decor, tasting menu, cocktails, paul’s youth and humilty is what the world needs now.  every dish was a version of perfection, and i left dinner so delighted that i have already booked two more reservations this month.  i could go on an on, but i highly suggest you do your self a favor and truly learn what flavor is through the artful mastery at corton.  xo lili love crushin on corton and chef liebrandt

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